by antoine moiboueyi on July 23, 2018

Queen Latifah, Foxy Brown, Little Kim those are just a few names of what we refer to as female lyricist. There is a difference between a singer and a lyricist and in the world of hip hop a lot of females have changed the genre of music but some stay true to what the original style was about. A lyricist is someone that uses all their life experiences, feelings knowledge and pour them into their music, creating a unique sound and some great music.

Shalom clothing has been going to all the events around the area and trying to find different sounds to what is being played on the radio at the moment, as we all know no matter what happens to music some artists still keep the rawness similar to what it was back in the day. At a local event there was a young female lyricist that was always inciting and bringing a lot of energy while on the microphone, Cassidy "1am" Rae had something special about her which made us inquire more. Her vocals and rhymes bring something different to the game, she expresses her feelings and every rhyme is written with a deep knowledge of what she wants her audience to know about her. 

She grew up in Gilroy CA and when you listen to her music it is something we can all relate too, nothing is something no one as never experience before from doubting themselves to not knowing what you are going to do next. We hope she keeps her great music alive and gets to bless the stage a lot more with her lyrics. She is multi talented and in addition to writing her own music and making her own beats she is also a photographer and designer. Only time will tell how far this young talented artist will go but as for us we look forward to seeing her more on stage giving us that great energy and positive vibe.

Facebook: Cassidy Rae

Instagram: its1amsomewhere

Soundcloud: its1amsomewhere

Twitter: its1amsomewhere