by antoine moiboueyi on July 06, 2018

The day of July 4rth marks a great day for people in the United States, people celebrate usually with backyard parties, BBQ and also with a display of fireworks. The American flag is displayed everywhere to demonstrate their homage to what this day represents and memories of events that have helped shape this country .

Santa Cruz was a place where a lot of those parties were happening, if you happened to stop by 207 Chico Ave you would have witnessed a great collective of artists displaying their crafts. As always all the local artists got together and created and event where anyone could attend and enjoy each other's company The Loud House was the official host of the party but they partnered with 88 Over Everything and other artists to create a great event. You had the chance to hear familiar voices like Alwa Gordon, Joseph Jason Santiago Lacour, Lyrical I , Gabe Kittle-Cervine,  DJ Los and many more. We also had the pleasure of listening to well known local artist ZigZag Robinson who took the stage to drop a few bars during an intermission, it was a pleasure to see how all these artists make sure to work together.

The party was filled with great conversations, artists painting, a tattoo artist and of course great music. The party required a small donation but as always you were never turned away even if you did not have any money, the event started at 4 pm and because of the great music a lot of people just ended up walking by and joining the festivities. Always be on the lookout for events like this one, all these artists try to create things that are welcoming for anyone and are always looking to have some great conversations.