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Shalom is proud to share our “Peace in Paradice” collection. This theme embodies everything that Shalom stands for, while upholding a sense of fun and youthfulness. We stay true to our message by using world known symbols such as the peace sign and Yin Yang which is used as a symbol for positive and negative. Splashes of pink are used throughout this season to evoke feelings of love, harmony, friendship and inner peace, while shades of blue evoke a sense of belonging, trust, and peace fullness, associated with high quality. The use of green is used to represent life, nature and growth. Yellow is used for freshness, positivity and enlightenment. Shades of purple are used to evoke luxury, creativity and peace. Because Shalom is based in Santa Cruz CA. We decided it made a lot of sense to work with long time friend CLOWN and founder of the famous TITS graffiti crew. He hand drew a flash page which became this seasons graphics. You will see art inspired buy the theme from a hula girl, to dice, to yin yang eyes. We did big prints with overlapping art, which makes for a DIY look, while using colorful ink. Each garment is hand printed one at a time in our Santa Cruz print shop. Some of the look book was photographed at the legendary Bills Wheels graffiti wall where the TITS crew has a full mural. It’s important to note, that PEAR (RIP) of the TITS crew was a huge inspiration for Jacob (the founder of Shalom) at the age of eight. 32 years later it all plays out to this season. Our soft tees will make the individual in Shalom feel the essence of coolness, and tranquility; remembering to always wear our garments in peace. Make Peace not War!
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