Occupy Hip Hop..

Occupy Hip Hop..

by antoine moiboueyi on June 22, 2018

The music scene in Santa Cruz has always been vibrant, from people playing instruments on the street to organized events or concerts. Artists always try to find a way to work together in any way possible and try to figure out how to do events which would showcase each individuals artistic capabilities, they always try to create events aimed to help each other. You can find events on any given night of the week, you can find events like Spoken Word on Monday nights at the  MAH downtown Santa Cruz to Coffee and Hip Hop on the UCSC campus.

Local artists like Alwa Gordon and Joseph Jason Santiago Lacour can be found at the forefront of almost every event, helping bring the community together and working on helping every local artists they can. Both artists are really active around the Santa Cruz area, they are also ok with taking a cruise to San Jose to help with cyphers. Joseph Jason Santiago Lacour is a poet who has been involved with every genre of music from reggae to hip hop even writing a book a book entitled "LEDDITGO: a recollection of poems, verses and visuals", he can jump on a microphone and "drop" poetry lines in an instant or get a beat and drop some lyrics.


Occupy Hip Hop was a free event held at the SubRosa Community Space and brought a lot of artists and performers, most events only require a donation and artists always appreciate a handshake or a thank you after their performance. I highly recommend people to check out the SubRosa Community Space and take the time to read a book or say "hello" to the people, you can enjoy the courtyard outside and take in the scenery of beautiful Santa Cruz.