Hip Hop the new generation...

Hip Hop the new generation...

by Jacob Seedman on April 24, 2018
Since it has busted out on the scene hip hop has made some big moves in the world of music. From NWA to Childish Gambino the message has always been different and the new "hip hop" has had some new genres and new style of rappers. This underground music has been creative and the artists have found ways to bring their messages to the forefront to try to help with the new generation of problems happening around the globe. The Santa Cruz area has a lot of great hip hop artists but today we would like to talk about Ra Be. He has been involved with music for over a decade and has always tried to bring a positive message through his music. Born in New Jersey and going to college in NH, Ra Be moved to the West Coast and got involved with music and creating a positive vibe around him. He is a certified theta healing coach and works on helping people have access to clean water, but most importantly continues to pass a positive message with not only his music but his actions throughout the day. "Tap the flow" is his music trademark and it can be explained by a few simple words; Creative, Visionary and Eudaimonia.

He has collaborated with a lot of underground artists and with songs like "Big Love”, "fire in it" or "Water rules everything around me" he has spread a message of that all of us can relate to. He has been working with Shalom Clothing based out of the Tannery Arts Center in Santa Cruz. Shalom has just released a new line called Tap The Flow 333 to help spread Ra Be's great message!

Hip Hop has seen a lot of artists come and go, but if you get the chance please check out Ra Be on all the major music platforms. I assure you will not be disappointed with either the music or helping with any of the organizations he is involved with. He releases weekly freestyles and can be found around the Santa Cruz area "Doing Dope Sh*t On The Daily", He can be found on all social media and we are attaching every place you can find him can be found below.

website: www.taptheflow.com
Facebook: Rob Ball
Instagram: rabethreethirtythree
Soundclooud: Ra.be 333