Hip Hop and Poetry

Hip Hop and Poetry

by Jacob Seedman on June 14, 2018
Hip hop artists have for many years used their love for poetry to inspire them to write some deep rooted lyrics, poetry always works as the message is always positive and talks about the deep thoughts of the artists. The mastery of the English language has always helped lyricist with writing something that rhymes but also with a deeper message than just what is spoken, Ludacris has been great at using these in some of his greatest songs " And Fingers Squeeze Triggers Like Boa Constrictors.." just that line makes you think on how he mastered the English language to write a rhyme using similar actions.

Isaac Collins is a hip hop artist who uses his love of poetry to help write his music, he grew up in the Church and his love of music came from his grandparents who were avid church goers and used to bring young Isaac with them every Sunday. The adversity came after some emotional events which lead him to start writing poetry in a notepad at a young age, helping him direct his thoughts in a positive manner and learning how to use his voice to spread something good out of bad things. Isaac's love of spreading a  positive message lead him to engage in the world of freestyle, which in the hip hop world means just jumping on a beat and rhyming without having anything written.

Santa Cruz learned of this artist when he decided to let the world know of his craft by releasing " Raw Hip Hop" in 2009 and 5 years later he dropped his first LP "The Real Hip Hop", by this time he was known around the streets under the name Lyrical I. He keeps his love for the music by performing around California at spoken word cafe's but most importantly he is a big part of the Santa Cruz cypher session, he can be found on the street of Santa Cruz free styling for anyone who is into his music. He is a big part of the Santa Cruz underground hip hop and uses his experience to help showcase other artists he comes in contact with, making him a great advocate for artists trying to make it out there.

Lyrical I has a style that is amazing, been brought up in the church he does not use any swears in his music and tries to only spread a positive message with every rhyme, song or cypher. Church and his grandparents have been a great influence on Lyrical and he will not hesitate to tell you about the adversity he has dealt with growing up. The message he has been spreading brought him to the attention of Shalom Clothing, he has been a tribesman for many years and owner Jacob Seedman is getting ready to work with Lyrical I to start producing his own line under the Shalom brand. How far can these two institutions go in the hope of spreading a lot of positive, only time will tell but in the meantime if you run into Lyrical I do not hesitate to ask him to freestyle a few lines for you as it would be his pleasure.