From Santa Cruz to Hawaii...

From Santa Cruz to Hawaii...

by Jacob Seedman on April 30, 2018
Gangsta, screwed, trap music; there has been so many names for rap music since it has exploded on the scene in the 80's, and so many singers have found there own way to spread there message around. A group that has found their own style of music is The Rellies, Dominic Coccia and Alex Ward have found a way to create something amazing. There is really no name for what their style is, it is a mix of hip hop/trap/rap but with a style as relax as possible as one of them lives in Santa Cruz and the other in Hawaii, they have created something that is unique to them and most of their videos are so simple and relaxed it makes you think about a nice day at the beach.

The Santa Cruz music festival was a great place for underground artists to showcase their talent, Shalom Clothing was a big part of helping set up the festival and the group was present at the festival. Jacob Seedman who is the owner of Shalom Clothing has partnered up with a lot of artists and created "shalom Tribesmen" and during the Santa Cruz music festival decided to attend a show by "The Rellies" having met them earlier that day. Songs like "If You Hadn't Noticed", "Can We Go Home Sometime" and "Something Different" give you a trance like euphoria and transport you into their imagination. Their videos are even more creative and their latest full studio album REVIVED brought some great collaborations, a great look at the creative and artistic styles of Dominic and Scott can be found from the album cover to the video for the song "In The Bag".

Shalom Clothing has been impressed with The Rellies and they are now part of the tribesman, be on the lookout as the two might surprise everyone and come out with a line SHALOM CLOTHING X THE RELLIES....

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Instagram: the_rellies