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Grind Out Hunger

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Grind Out Hunger is a local non-profit organization that empowers the Santa Cruz skate community to help fight hunger among the youth. Grind Out hunger has three main “foundations” in which they operate: Empower, Educate, and Fight Hunger. While it’s main facet is feeding the youth, the organization takes a strong approach towards philanthropy among its students.

Grind Out Hunger hosts events such as the Grind Out Hunger Rail Jam for snowboarders at China Peak Mountain Resort to raise awareness of meal instability among the board sports community. Collectively, Grind Out Hunger has raised over 2 million meals for school kids, and reached over 100,000 youth. This type of activism that focuses on young kids in Santa Cruz is what lifts up our whole community up and demonstrates how getting involved in the things we love can also make a difference. Grind Out Hunger helps youth focus their energy and creativity into positive change.

It is organizations like this that spread peace in our community. Grind Out Hunger is making a difference for struggling youth, as well as providing a platform for board sports enthusiasts to get involved. Grind Out Hunger understands that youth empowerment is the key to a brighter future.

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